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Hello!! Welcome to my little corner of the Interglobes.
I'm currently a software engineer at Gamma in San Francisco. I previously worked at Optimizely. In previous iterations, I've worked as a writing tutor, editorial assistant, transcriptionist of interviews with pro wrestlers, news producer, graphic designer, web designer, and file monkey. I majored in Geography at Vassar College and almost did an MFA in poetry. I am identical twins with Justina and an older sister to Jennifer.
Sometimes I'll submit things to random publications, twiddle my thumbs, and wait for people to decide to publish them. Here's some of my writing online: The China Charleston (The Anthill, 2014), Capacity (The Adirondack Review, 2010), and The Sea As Paddy (pdf) (The Columbia East Asia Review, 2009). If you want to go really far back, you can read what I consider to be my MAGNUM OPUS, The Attack of the Clicking Cluck (pdf), which won Third Place in the Ross Morrow Short Story Competition... in 1997.
Beijing, 2014. Photo credit: Justina Chong.
Toronto, 1999.

🧵 Sewing

To see my sewing portal, go to A Making Log And follow me on my sewing instagram account: @crocophant.makes

🛍️ Quarantine Bag Friends 2021

The Quarantine Collection is a series of photos taken in February and March 2021 while I quarantined alone in a Hong Kong hotel room for 21 days. I wasn't allowed to leave my room, and nobody was allowed to come in. Every day I received three hot meals in a brown paper bags. With a glut of paper bags and little else to do, I decided to have some fun and make myself some friends and share them with the HK Quarantine Support Group on Facebook. I'd wait until the sun was at the perfect spot, peeking between two Wanchai skyscrapers (always between 3 and 4), sketch out a bag character without a plan , throw the bag on my head, then take the photos. As someone who's never been good at developing routine or habits, I liked that there was an end date to my experiment. I also liked the constraints. My only materials were paper bags, a fat sharpie, postit notes, tiny embroidery scissors, and human hair (see Day 20). When I staged the photos, I couldn't see anything at all so it was always a surprise to review my camera roll after. I enjoyed making them and hope you enjoy them too! (No bag head) The one time someone sent a Smirnoff Ice to my room Full video here I spent Chinese New Year dancing with myself in a cow head I dressed up a pillow and made a Chris the hair that gathered in the corner of my room (See video below)day 21

💾 Old projects

Every day, a limerick - wherein I write wrote a limerick a day every day, a century Drawings of Chris - uploaded drawings of Chris Kombucha Chronicles - my friend Steve gave me two SCOBYs

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